The Life of an Independent Mortgage Broker

Independent mortgage brokers in Papakura are generally independent because they do not want to be tied to a large company. While they will obviously retain a much higher proportion of the commission for any successful mortgage than would any individuals in the large company, the independent mortgage broker must also spend a large chunk of their day searching for new business.

Generally the large mortgage broking companies have good websites that are highly ranked and basically generate new customers it’s such a level that the mortgage broking company is never short of work. These companies are not nearly as motivated to provide very good service in order to retain customers, because they have so much business coming in through the door that they do not need to worry about this.

There are only a small group of these large companies in New Zealand but because of the way the Google search algorithm works these companies collectively pick up over 95% of all new business that comes in through the Internet.

The independent mortgage brokers in North Shore just simply do not have access to this market because they are not ranked up on page 1 for Google searches, and so they need to Resort to the tried and true methods for picking up new customers, and this can involve a lot of your time and effort. They will need to be continually building and reinforcing their network of contacts, and this will include builders, real estate agents, Surveyors, lawyers and even town planners, all of whom may be in position refer new business to the mortgage brokers,  or to point them to  new potential business.

Independent mortgage brokers also need to make certain that they win repeat business, and that their clients are very happy with their service and pass along their company known to their friends and contacts.

The truth is that independent mortgage brokers rely on their good reputation to drive repeat business and referrals. The sad thing is that the big mortgage broking firms who have a large amount of new business coming in through the adore via their web page every day do not need to deliver such good service simply because you will always be in your business coming in. Even worse, these brokers can afford to reject all new clients that are not absolutely certain to get a mortgage, and so the job they have on behalf of the clients they don’t use is relatively easy and doesn’t take them a lot of extra effort.

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